Professional earthmoving contractors in Tasmania

State-Wide Earthworks Pty Ltd is a team of earthmoving contractors operating throughout Tasmania. Our highly skilled team can handle any earth moving job, from small, private projects that require digging to earth moving for large property developments and land clearing work. Our Core Competencies are listed on this page, as well as information about our team. Call today for Tasmania's first choice for earthmoving services.


State-Wide Earthworks’ core focus is on civil works and earthmoving. We do specialise in underground utility installation, such as gas, water and NBN. As well as complementing building sites with demolition and ground preparation. Road works from ground up is another large part of our Civil operations. Transport is another arm of this division with Large Prime movers and Floats to ten yarders down to 3 ton tippers. We also supply labour to larger civil companies for machinery operation and civil labour.


Our vegetation management division has a lot of in-depth experience. Specialising in vegetation spraying, side arm mowing, mulching and ground crew that involves advanced tree felling techniques. We have specialised mechanical units for this work including elevated work platforms, dozers, excavator mulchers, bobcat mulchers, and tractors. Innovation is always encouraged in this division. We supply labour to other larger vegetation management companies and all our vegetation employees are electrically trained and accredited and often work around electricity assets.

Traffic control

Ace Traffic is owned by State-Wide Earthworks and is a specialised traffic management capable of managing any Traffic scenario. We have a staff of up to 50 trained Traffic Controllers and many of which are trained to the level of developing their own Traffic Management Plans, which is a must have on all sites in Tasmania. We complement these skills with the latest software on the market.

Brief History

The Company Started in 1995 and its core business was forest and plantation management, our name then was State-wide Forest Services. At the peak of forestry in Tasmania we employed 80 people across Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia. With the demise of plantation and overall forestry management in Tasmania we changed our core business and utilised the machinery skill set we had retained and built the business up again and growing. We are an innovative company and not afraid to change or invest to become a useful resource for works across Tasmania.

Our vision statement is: “To secure and grow our future by being the best business in the Tasmanian Contracting Industry that we can be.”

Our company has an advantage over most because of the wide range of skill we have across the company but also with individual operators. We have the capability to manage our own projects from clearing vegetation to site prep, road forming and asset placement.

Machines used by our earthmoving contractors in Tasmania


Key Personnel

Mathew Burns

Owner, Managing Director

Founder of company and twenty years of experience with Project/Contract Management, Machinery Capability and Business Management.

Adam Burns

Operations Manager

With company from the beginning (20 years), Project/Contract Management, Machinery Capability, Vegetation Management, Staff Management, Traffic Control.